Rental Application Procedures

Thank you for your interest in the rental property listed with our firm. After you have inspected our available properties, you must complete our online application process ( Available Properties ). The $50.00 non refundable application fee must be paid before we will process your application. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Your completed application will be held strictly confidential.

Completed applications will usually be processed within 48 hours. Before you fill out the application, you should read the following office policies and leasing procedures. If you have any questions concerning our procedures or policies, please feel free to ask us.


Landlord Verification

We will contact your current and previous Landlords to check your record of rent payments, your care of the property, and whether you have fulfilled your lease agreement. You can be denied if any landlord reports slow payments or damages to their property. Your application can also be denied if you have ever been evicted from any property.


Job Verification

We will contact your current employer to verify your monthly income, your length of employment, and your job stability. You should be able to demonstrate a satisfactory history of at least 12 months working on a job. We may call other sources if you list them as additional income. If you are self-employed, we require copies of your income tax forms.


Credit Investigation

We will contact a national credit reporting agency to review your personal credit history. Your application may be refused if your credit report shows a history of bankruptcy, unpaid judgments, liens, charge-offs, repossessions, or repeated late payments.


Criminal Records Check

We will also check your records with the N.C. Criminal and Civil Records data base. We will review your criminal history of arrests, any civil records or judgements against you. If you have a criminal record, you should discuss your history with us before you make your application. Your application can be refused if your record shows a history of property destruction, drug activity, or Landlord judgements. We also check your name with existing federal databases.


Income Requirements

Your total monthly income is one of the most essential items on your application. Our company policy is as follows: “Rent should not exceed one-fourth to one-third of the applicant’s monthly income.” You will most likely derive your income from your primary job; however, we will consider any other income sources such as part-time Jobs, Child Support, AFDC, or Workman’s Compensation. (If your situation requires special consideration because you have no landlord reference and/or no credit, we may require a qualified Lease Endorser to guarantee your rental contract.)


Residency Requirements

During the application process, you must provide proof of your current residence. In addition to a copy of you state issued Photo ID, you are requested to bring one of the following items which verify your current address: 1. an original utility bill showing your name and address, 2. your current lease agreement showing your name and address, 3. your Voter Registration Card, 4. your Medicaid Card, or 5. your Vehicle Registration Card. Your application cannot be processed without residency verification. All adults on your application must also present a state issued Photo ID.


Agency Disclosure

Our Company provides rental services for property owners. We represent their interests in all rental transactions. Rental units are offered to the best qualified applicant and not on a “first come, first serve basis.”


Housing Limits

The properties we manage have limits as to the number of people that can occupy each unit. The general rule is that no more than two people can occupy a bedroom.


Fair Housing Notice

We are pledged to the letter and the spirit of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s policy for the achievement of Equal Housing Opportunity throughout the nation. We support an affirmative marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, sex, religion, handicap, familiar status, or national origin.


Key Check Out Policy

Homes are available for showing Monday-Friday until 4:00 PM. Appointments are not needed. A valid Government issued photo ID is required for all showings.